Give Your Fitness Routine A Boost

Get nutrition shakes, bars and drinks in St. Cloud, MN

You need more than just a hammer to forge a proper tool. And forging your ideal body requires more than just working out. If you want to help give your diet a necessary boost, turn to PowerHAUS. We offer nutritional coaching services at our gym in St. Cloud, MN. You can supplement your routine with nutrition shakes, protein drinks and protein bars.

Contact us at 612-860-1065 for more information.

How nutrition products can help

How nutrition products can help

We sell a selection of Herbalife products created from high-quality ingredients. You can take advantage of...

  • Pre-workout drinks that will give you plenty of energy to work
  • Post-workout nutrition shakes that will help you rebuild your muscle tissue
  • 3-day trial packs that will help you try out different options to find products that work for you

If you're not sure what products to add to your routine, we can make suggestions. Arrange for nutritional coaching when you visit our gym today.

Here at PowerHAUS we are huge supporters of Herbalife products and their philosophy of healthy living. Herbalife uses quality ingredients that produce lasting results. Some of the products we offer include 3 day trial packs, pre-workout drinks, post workout shakes, and protein bars. See the link below for more information.